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An API that allows accessing consumers’ banking data..
Leading Bank Aggregation Service in Southeast Asia

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Why finsify hub ?

Reasons to choose us

Account Information

Receive precise information about account status and balance.

Account Information

  • Account type
  • Account balance
  • Currency

Transaction History

Access to customer's bank statement quickly and securely.

Transaction History

  • Amount
  • Date
  • Currency
  • Description

Transaction Categorization

Label raw bank data by highly accurate classification system.

Transaction Categorization

  • Standalone API
  • Support for user-defined categories
  • Self-learning machine

High Level Security

Develop with bank security level..

High Level Security

Easy Integration

Use RESTfull API which is friendly with developers.

Easy Integration

Awesome partners

we are nothing without our partners

No.1 personal finance management solution. Availble on Android, iOS, Windows, Web

Works with Finsify Aggregator API to help their customers control their finances better by syncing account balance and transaction history from bank accounts.

First automatic cashflow management solution for SMEs in Vietnam

Money Paper works with Finsify Aggregator API to help their clients automate cashflow management process.

Ngan Luong is a comprehensive Payment gateway for Digital goods and E-commerce in Vietnam, a member of Next Tech Group.

Ngan Luong processes lots of transactions from multiple bank accounts a day and that's a big challenge to accounting department of the company.

Bao Kim is a PayPay-like service targeting to Vietnam market, a member of VNP Group.

Like other e-wallets or payment gateway, Bao Kim has to process a lots of transactions via bank transfer a day.

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